irfanspace: an exploration of the pathways and spaces between people, cultures, past, present and eternity. sound, images and poetry from islamic cultures and traditions around the world invite reflection and engagement locally, globally, internally. encounter the city of hyderabad through the stories of peace workers living in the midst of conflict; lose yourself in the deserts of oman, yemen and jordan; discover communities and connections just a tram-ride away; explore the conceptual spaces of islamic mystics; sense the presence that is closer than your heartbeat. 
irfanspace is a mixed-media exhibition featuring photography, sound and video installation, poetry, and interactive online media presented by Mark Pedersen, Natalia Gould and Nazid Kimmie at Kinross House, 603 Toorak Rd. throughout October 2008.
irfanspace is proudly supported by the islamic centre for education and development, the islamic council of victoria, uniting arts toorak, and toorak uniting church.